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Freya The Receptionist



Name: Freya The Receptionist
D.O.B: 19th January 1994

Hi there, I'm new to the Blogging world so if your reading this bare with me as I get used to telling people I dont know and have never met about my life, my thoughts, my opinions and hopefully your all a lot more grown up then 'facebook' and realise I'm using this as a medium to voice my own opinion and not to cause outrage or to piss anyone off.
I'll say it now before I get used to Blogging, that if you dont like what I say or the topics I talk about when I blog then its simple enough you close down your webpage and thus elliminating your need to read what I have to say. 

So as you may have seen I'm currently doing an NVQ in Business Administration and Receptionist work, so if you were to look at my other uploads they will mainly be that of my NVQ work. Why are you uploading NVQ work? Im doing it to help other people out with there NVQ. Im very much aware that people out there will simply copy and paste most of the work I have done and try to pass it off as there own, well I have no time for people like that and if they wish to copy my work then feel free... well theres nothing I can do to stop you I'm sat behind a computer possibly in a different county and country to you so all I can do is ask politely so pretty pleaseeeee :)

A little about me:

As of this Blog I am 19 years old, I work for a waterproofing company based Nr Hulland Ward, Ashbourne.
I was originally born in Manchester in a little town called Stalybridge, it was a nice place to live but I not really the person to be giving you real estate advise as to where you should live been as I left there around the age of 5/6. We moved from Manchester so my mum could live closer to her family, thats why we turned up in Belper, Derbyshire, I lived in belper till I was a teenager, at this point my mother had become so annoyed with looking at the bare side of another house on the road that we moved once again. The second move wasnt far from where we lived in Belper, nicknamed 57. I remember the first time I saw the house I currently live in, we had the choice of two houses as we were looking on a new build estate, my house and the house next door. I always prefered my house because of the trees at the top of our enormous garden, but my parents prefered the house next door. After viewing both houses mum and dad went to talk to the sales woman sat in what is now someones garage, and dicussed the possiblity of buying the house next door unfortunatly a young couple had been looking at it and put in a offer that was accepted. So we currently live in the house I wanted orginally :) yay! As for the young couple next door ... well they now have 2 children and we are all very good friends and have some odd conversations over the garden wall, very british style ;)
My education has spanned accross 2 primary schools, a secondary school, 2 apprenticeships and college. I always remember my first teacher at primary school, she was called Mrs Hunt and spoke with a very very hevey Bolton accent and to this day I still joke with my dad reagrding "have a look in this cookery book" now to many of you that might not mean anything but I know there are plenty of you out there who understand why thats so funny. When I came to Belper I clearly had to move primary school, dont think my parents would have appreciated traveling back to Manchester everyday for me to continue at my original school, so I joined Heage Primary School in Y2 or Y3. I was loved by all the teachers there with my favourite being Mrs Gilmore she was the sports teacher and the reason I love sports, cute huh?
I was a part of that group who couldnt wait to leave school and go out into the wide open world, regretably I wish I hadnt wished my secondary school life away as now I do miss it, science lessons with Mr Bacon, Maths with Mr Stratford amazingly he also taught my mum maths back in the day and he tought myself and my two brothers. My favourite lesson was always Physical Education, I loved beating everyone in my form at sports events it got that bad that when we were doing a 400m race my entire P.E group was routing for the girl just ahead of me to win as Im guessing they kinda got annoyed at me for constantly beating them. Looking back I regret stopping running and every sport I've ever done, now I'm not here to lecture anyone on there own life but if your a sports nut like I was DONT start smoking!! Its ruining my fitness and I'm going to get that back! Its my new personal mission. Secondary school was not a confussing time for me unlike a lot of people I do know, I wasnt fussed about boys and any of there toys back then, I would have much rather ran to the shop got loads of sugar ran back and then ran around the school field 1 millions times than sit like alot of the girls did and try to look 'fit' to attract the attention of the boys playing football on the tennis courts of field, to be honest with you not alot has changed but we'll get to me personally further ahead.
Best Memory of school? Ohhh not thats a big question for me, it could have been receiving my GCSE results and being amazed at the results, without being overly big headed being in the top groups for each lesson throughout school, or fairly single handedly winning sports day, not joking! My favourite memory must be going to the interschool track and field competitions at Moorways sports centre. I had been chosen everytime to compete for my school at the sports event and every year I did the same events, my favourite and best event 800m and long jump. Now every year I went we competed against secondary schools for the Derbyshire area, one of the schools we competed against was Ecclesbourne School from Duffield. Gabby was my main competitor she always beat me in long jump by a few centimeters but this just made me more determind to beat her!! Then one year she has started smoking and I ended up winning the competition now I know it wasnt the best victory but if you lived in my head it was the greatest thing to have ever happened in my life :) as for the 800m well on the final lap at the last 100m a young girl from Ecclesbourne was just ahead of me and with energy that I managed to find flew past her brought home by the exstatic yells and screams from all three of my P.E teachers! Best feeling of my life was seeing them screeming me home and how proud there were I had won :)
College life! Was flipping awesome!! I studied Horse Care and Management at Broomfield Agricultural College near Derby, despite falling out with every member of staff in the horse department due to my gobby nature I loved the experience it gave me and the friends I made which I still speak to and see regularly! As for my apprenticeship blurrgggghhhh! I wont say much but if by chance you are reading this and contemplating doing an apprenticeship with Stubbing Court DONT! It is the worst run apprenticeship programme I have ever been on but I'm not going to complain further as its all gone towards making me who I am today, soo....


As mentioned at the start of this entry I am Spartica! Im also a complete nutter and will most likely end up with diabeaties when I'm older :L
I have always been a hyper person, I find it really easy to meet and make friends with people but as I've said from the begining I'm just like marmite, you'll either love me or hate me! and if your still reading to this point I'm guessing you like me, so thanks :)
heres a little story I'll share so you can understand what I mean by nutter:
Mum story: "when Freya was little and we lived in Manchester we went to a mums and tots group, it was a place where all the mums in the area got together for tea and buscuits and the kids got to meet new people and play with other children there own age. Now Freya was very young at this point and it was winter time. I was sat talking to another mum at the group when one of the supervisors tapped me on the shoulder and while pointing out the window at a small naked child said "is that your Freya?" and yess sure enough Freya was naked outside, the thing that makes this more of an interesting and embrassing story is that it was snowing outside, Freya had never seen snow before and I'm guessing found it so amazing she felt the need to take all her clothes off and run around in it."
Hmmm so now you know a little insite into my mind I'd like to inform you not alot has changed, and yes I do tend to still get naked at inapproriate times but its now caused by alcohol and not weather changes.
So as to me in general, I'm tall-ish, fairly skinny at just over 8 stone, my eyes change colour from bluey to green to grey and occationally have been told brown but again thats just me being odd. I have brown hair which is in desparate need of a cut and re-style.
Family life- Welcome to the Harrop Tribe!
Within my tribe is my parents Steve and April, now unfortunatly a few years ago my mum had a stroke, now before anyone panics she's recovered amazingly! She gets confussed about names but dont we all at times, even the doctors were amazed with her recovery. I remember the day it happened it was eventfull it was spectacular she just sat down after feeding the dogs and couldnt get back up or respond to anyone, my dad found her and I had come downstairs just after he'd found her, I had to run and tell my brothers Peter older and Tom younger than me to stay out the way as an ambulance was on its way. Now strange as it is on the same morning as her stroke I had an appointment to see an authodentist at Derby hospital regarding braces. As the ambulance took her away me and Dad went to find her in accident and emergency were she looked so scared hooked up to multiple machines and beeping sounds coming from  said machines, I remember looking at her and I couldnt take it... I passed out! As the first time I'd ever passed out what a better place to do it than a hospital, I got put on a bed has my blood sugar levels taken and other medical testing and ended up with jam on toast and a cup of tea. Anyway depressive moment over its just thats an important fact on my life to know as future blogs may involve rants about my mum and its all due to her stroke, but obviously reasons for rants will be explained. So yes, thats mum! My dad is a very clever man, he has a degree in Maths and IT from the University of London and is currently a IT Projecrt Manager for Hewlett Packard based at Rolls Royce. Impressive eh ;) I think its from my dad that me and my brothers have got our intelligence from, speaking of my brothers ....
Peter- is currently 21, I think, he's joining the army to become a recovery mechanic which means he gets to play with tanks and vehicles that have been blown up whilst in the line of fire so yess the front line.
Thomas, also known as Woe-man- is Mums favourite! not kidding my mum was the youngest of 4 children and tom is her youngest of 4, my mum lost another child just after he was born :/ but lets not go into that. Tom is incrediable at hockey! he has been picked to play for the Derbyshire team many many many times and is very talented! he is studiying motor mechanics at Derby College.


Nickname: Ray, Raymond, Ray-Dawwgg, sanjeeb and achmed, oh and some un-mentionables by the boyfriend ;)
Relationships: Currently with Jordy :)
mann! actually I'm not going into my past relationships as I will rant and rant and rant about a single lad for agessss and you'll get bored however if you want to know let me know and I will rant about him and his dirty lieing cheating disgusting ways!!!
Music: Bullet for my Valentine, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Lost prophets, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons and loadssssss more!!!
Television: Everything! but am I the only person who loves adverts? :S again I think this shows how weird I am.

So yeah thats all about me, or at least all I can think to tell you for now... hope you enjoyed this little incite into my life :)
NB- sorry for spelling and grammatical mistakes, english wasnt my strong point during school only due to my unknown inability to spell :/ haha! 

Freya The Receptionist

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