Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Theory on the Creation of the World


I drafted this idea on the 15th February but the original idea was created one night on a drive home from belper, now I was very tired at this time and so you might think it was born of dilusion and possible madness, madness more fromt he people who have read my previous blog regarding the beginning of my life and my obession with snow... to the point of naked-ness! Before I go much further I must say I am not claiming to be the creator of this idea, if this idea is already out there i apologise but I'm not going to contact the nobel prize people for any form of congratulations!

So anyway my great idea......
Well whilst driving home from belper one night after seeing the boyfriend, I ended up thinking about life, the creation of the earth and what might happen to us (the human race) in a hundred or a thousand and even a million years time. We're brought up (well I was) to belive there are many beliefs, now before I get too in to this and in reference to my comment just this blog is not saying "I am right, you are wrong" everyone is entitles to their own opinion and beliefs. I'm using this format to express my idea and have a life long account of the random thoughts I come up with.

So as I was saying, I was brought up to believe there are many different beliefs and that I could believe in which ever I wanted to as my parents are not overly religious. There are two differing ideas on the creation of life, most religious beliefs that I am aware of believe in a 'creator' a being or spirit who hand made us or designed as. We are such complex creatures we must have been created by a higher force. Alternatively there is the theory of evolution put forward by a great man called Charles Darwin. Now, personally, I believe in evolution simply because I dont have any strong religious ties (as previously mentioned) and I am a very scientific person and with all the evidence available on the progressive transformation of animals to create new species I believe this to be a true account of how the world came to be. I am a very open person I do love reading and learning about new things so anyone who wants me to look into a certain type of religion please just comment as I'd love to learn about other people beliefs. 

Anyway, as I was saying in my drive home I started thinking about life, I smiled as I thought about where I was in my life at the time, 19 years old, happy relationship, employed and in a very funny working environment but then my mind wandered as to how we ended up on this planet....evolved from single celled organisms....apes in a tree... THE BIG BANG! At this point I paused ... "Huh?" I thought. We are the only form of life found in our universe so far but what if we are the ONLY form of life in this universe at the moment, I started laughing thinking this is well over my head, my level of intelligence and generally if I properly looked into it would not have a clue even regarding the language that would be used in a true documented idea by a scientist. Now with a high mind of course I continued to think, on one planet, of one solar system, in one part of what could be a hugeeeeeee space area how are we the only living thing?! Then BOOM! No I didnt hit a tree, or another car! I thought what if we are just the beginning? 
We've already evolved, no skratch that we've already started evolution!
Now by this point I've most likely lost you.. hopefully not all of you, you may be increadibly confussed as to what I'm on about but good news :) I thought I might babble on abit so I've decided a flow through might help.
  • Freya The Recepionist was driving home one night
  • She was tried her mind wandered and she began to think about how the world worked, and where we're going
  • The BIG BANG! was the beginning of it all, it started life on this planet and created our fellow planets
  • The explosion settles and slowly life begins on the earth, we evolve from single celled organisms
  • Following a LONG time! we become monkeys ect. We grow still, eventually walk and progress into humans.
  • Overtime we learn about the world and its wonders (knowledge increases and this is obvious by the fact we dont have to bite down on a piece of wood if we have our leg removed)
  • 2013- Well we've made it this far so shouldn't we just get further....
  • Scientists have predicted the end of the world and universe :O Oh shock horror!!
  • So if the end is nearing is that it? we was life... Wham Bam thankyou mam? 
  • Scientists are also investigating space and the sea ECT! 
  • Space you say? Yes! and guess what there's still alot of space and planets out there. One day we will land on these planets :D 
  • After alot of landings and a hell of alot of research and not in my life time, not in your life time not for a long time, my theory is we will continue to evolve and repopulate these planets, maybe not every planet but alot :) 
FINALLY JEDIS! Mwahahaaaaa why not?! 'Aliens' which are actually evolved human beings living in millions of years time in a massive connecting universe just like the movies! 
Cool idea huh? 

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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if you still blog but I have been using your blogs on the NVQ as I 'm doing the same course. They have been really helpful and I finally thought, you know what? I'll check out her other stuff. You seem like a fun loving person and I love reading the thoughts you have. This blog has got to be my favourite. It sounds like the kinda stuff that I think about soooo yeah.. Just wanted to tell you what I thought :)