Monday, 25 March 2013


Right Im on a complete rant!

Boys ....
Men ....
Lads ....

I know for a simple fact Im not the only person who gets pissed off at this breed of animal, because yes! thats what they are. You ask of them a simple task but can they do it? No, can they fuck!
As most times I will never mention a name in my posts as simply enough if will come round and bite me in the ass if I ever did, as simply Lads never understand anything.

So why am I on a rant?

Well as we all do at somepoint during the day I just went on facebook, now the important point is that i went on facebook via a computer not off my mobile in this case. I will admit i am subscribed to my boyfriends posts but im also subscribed to all my close friends posts so its not like im spying on him or trying to keep an eye on him but yes i was on facebook off the computer at work. Now when im on my mobile I tend to not wait to see what comments are on a post/statues/picture if im not overly interested in what the post is regarding, but as we all know when on the computer in the top right hand corner there is an updates type box where you can see whos commented on whos picture, who's now going out with who, and what sluts posted a comment on your own boyfriends statues.

Why am I ranting about lads?

I love my boyfriend, I really do and i trust him to the end of the earth and back. I know hes friendly and yes has many female friends that i dont know but of cource i have male friends who he may not know, its just how life turns out i surpose. The reason Im on a rant and in particular about lads is some of them no matter how harmless the conversatuion or how truely innocent there intentions are can still hurt and piss off people who have asked them, not begged, not nagged, not given them an ultimatum on there actions but simply asked them not to speak to a certain person. Now I have my reasons and my fears of this person (not of there power or abilities over mine) but its just a person I dont like from the simply fact they have a relationship background, a rather intence and to be blunt a very damaging relationship that started with cheating and ended the same way.

The Bigger picture surrounding the suituation.....

These two people dated, it started with cheating and after approximatley 2 ish years it broke down by cheating. I have no clue reagrding the other person in mention but I have been told this person broke my boyfriends heart with the things that happened the absurd lies that came out, the terrible terrible terrible slutterly involving members of his family! I dont know how she took it and dont care. A while ago we were all sat in my car at a local gathering point for my friends down at the "factory" we were sat in my car when throughout the day different friends turned up, some people left and we all continued happily in the sunshire. Then she came down... Everyone sort of changed now i had never propperly met her but did know what she looked like so knew it was her from the moment she appeared. She wandered over to chat happily (tbh if she and the bf are happy to talk at that point i had no problem at all) I got too hot sat in the drivers seat of my car, my bf in the passenger, another friend behind me sheltering from the sun and HER on the passenger side of the car. Now all my friends either skateboard, BMX, MTB (mountain bike), blade or trials ride. So there was plenty of toys to distract myself with for a while. After faffing for an amount of time the seating in the car had changed slightly, i noticed this as i went back over to MY car to see MY boyfriends and fellow friends sat in MY car. Two friends still sat in the rear of the car, chilling from over heating, reading a magazine general type activities. My boyfriend was still sat in his side of the car but SHE had for some reason got herself a nice seat in  the drivers chair, yes my chair. This wasnt the part that annoyed my its that i was then forced basically to sit on the floor of the factory and watch this girl talk to my boyfriend as if she was my friend and that nothing had ever happened. Well basically the image of them sat together in my car was too much as the image just 'fit' they just suited each other and yes its scared me. From that day on I have expressed my feelings about the girl and asked my boyfriend to not accosiate with her....

So then.

Well this has been building up for a while and i just had to get it all out so clearly my blog is the place to go! After logging into facebook and seeing her and him having a conversation as they were i couldn't help it and had to rant! The conversation was nothing to offend me or him, nothing terrible or bad was ever said during the conversation its just the simple fact he was talking to her that i dont like, I dont like her, I dont liker her anywhere near him! simple.
I dont feel im asking too much by saying please just dont speak to her, am I? he's self-admitted to me he was heartbroken at the end of there relationship and I dont want that playing on my mind when im at work "whys he talking to her again?" "I thought he didnt want to talk to her" "why cant he repect the fact im a jelous person and simple not speak to the only one person, Only one person! that I dont like"

Well thats my rant for know as always sorry for my terrible punctuation and grammar, spelling as well as language.

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