Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I am a disaster.....

I am a disaster... and I can affect anyone, at anytime.....

Have you ever sat and thought about the worst case senerio over and over and over untill its become that clear a picture in your head you can see if coming true and recieving the call that will turn your life upside down forever?

This has come to my head recently after, i wouldnt class her as a friend, a girl i know had the terrible news of (facts may varry from truth but this is what i have established from friends and her own facebook page) her little sister had be addmitted into hospital following a fall or push from a bridge (again im not aware of definate facts i just know she somehow or another fell from a high bridge) and is now in a very bad condition in hospital, apparently she may be paralysed and unable to ever walk again.

facebook has clearly become such a large part of moderm day life with alot of people, we see updates from people getting job, new cars, new family members (an onslaught of baby photos has recently flooded my facebook homepage), the sad news of the loss of a family member, people getting into uni and college (congratulations to everyone who has!) new pets, rants and raves, oh and the new craze of video uploads. 

So as for the disaster... as mentioned a poor girl is now in hospital following an accident caused from bullying! In this day and age i cant believe people are still that pathetic to mock another human because of skin colour, age, background, relations (I have my own view on this but thats not for this blog) but basically this young girl was the victim of alot of bullying and somehow or another it came to the point of danger to her own health. 

This disaster thought came to mind recently in light of the boston bombings, the thought of the london bombings and the general state of the country, but just imagine being at work (yes its busy as hell, but thats just your normal day to day life) you finish work say goodbye to your collegues and drive home, now what if you were involved in a disaster? a car crash? a plane crash? you suddenly collapse? sudden addmitance to hospital is what i would class as a disaster... Now think of it the other way, you get the call from the hospital..... 

My dad was based in london doing work when the london bombs went off, i was in primary school with my youngest brother so we has no idea what had happened in the capital city. Now heres the important bit, I was in year 5/6 at the time so my mum trusted me and my younger brother to meet each other in school and walk just down the road slightly to meet her in the car, there was always parents and kids everywhere so we were in  no danger. The day of the London bombings my mum was waiting at the gate of the school and simply put she looked heart broken, obviously i ran down to her to see why she was at the gates and why she looked so upset, she said "there have been some bombs go off in london, the tube station were your dad (this is the deatil i always forget) either gets on or off the tube train on his way to the office" and she started crying, alot! "i havn't been able to get hold of him all day...." 

Well as a daddys girl (you'll know from previous posts) this destroyed me and my world! my daddy blown up! never to be seen again! while working away from us all, all his family and friends.... 

Now to everyone in the UK they will know phone lines died that day due to the amount of people trying to call friends and family to check they were okay... we tried and tried to get hold of him but to no answer. My mum was quiet all night... I will always remember that day and the day the twin towers in USA were bombed as every channel was full of the horrific images, thinking back i was pathetic in the sense i was only bothered about my cartoons not being on. 

We did manage to speak to my dad alot later that evening and thankfull he had been early to work that day so completally missed the bombing! phewwww! I can only imagine what families that lost members that day and friends that never saw each other again really felt, it must have been the greatest pain in the world. 

So this entier post was just to make people think, what would you do if you never saw your husband, boyfriend, mother, farther, brother or sister and bestfiend ever again?? 

I hope the poor girl in the hospital does make it, I havnt seen a recent post by her sister other than the other day when she had had surgery but it wasnt looking good at that point due to complications she had. 




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